Sibley Barlow

[Through October 15th, any purchase on this site will benefit Nashville's Gideon's Army ( 100% of profits will be donated to this collective, who work to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. Note that any piece for sale that is not included on the Store page could take up to 2 weeks for shipment. Please include your email to recieve a receipt of your charity.]

Sibley Barlow explores ideas surrounding time, identity, labor, and repetition particularly as they relate to the body, as well as intersections between civilizations and the natural environment. Their work privileges process and seeks to consolidate performance with the object. She works across mediums and crafts, grouping work as widely varied individual projects. He works primarily in painting, drawing, performance, and installation. Sibley was born in Atlanta, Georgia and received her BFA from Ball State University. He currently lives and works in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and enjoys writing about himself in third person.